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Reward, Rejuvenate, Respond
Together Creating the Ultimate Corporate Wellness Environment
Together Creating the Forefront of Success

During your next customer appreciation event, why not incorporate the effectiveness of invigorating all five senses. The sound of light music as your team socializes among one another. The taste of food that has been so carefully prepared. The feel of a with a mini head, neck, and shoulder massage. The image and smell of a glowing scented candle. Taken as a whole, this experience will bring out appreciation in your employees who will know you value their contributions.

“Changing The Way Of The Industry…”

Appreciation, dedication, and great service separate you from your competition. Corporate culture is a big part of why clients and employee’s are loyal to a company. When you show them your appreciation, you can rest assured that they’ll repay that in loyalty to you. We have mobile spa services that include massage to help inspire your employees and clients.

Rise above the average and optimize the impression you make in the minds of your valued clients/employees. Show them that their consistent dedication is the reason why your corporation is successful. Without a valued clientele and staff, where would you be? We have created an Incentive Corporate Wellness Program called: “Reward, Rejuvenate, Respond”

Corporate Wellness Services:

Reward your staff with the gift that keeps on giving.

Incentive Program:

Gift Certificates are the perfect gift for those Perfect Employees. Rejuvenating, Rewarding, Responding has never been so SIMPLE. Incorporate Spa @ Home into your budget, your fiscal year will be a year of Balance, Motivation, Inspiration, and Production. It just makes business sense! Invigorate your company …Inspire your employees… Spa @ Home Incentive programs are designed accordingly to the needs of your hardworking team, rewarding them with an experience they deserve. Your employees will feel recognized and valued. Incorporate Spa @ Home into employee benefits, reward them with a gift certificate, or pamper them for an afternoon. We guarantee that this investment will maximize their productivity.
“Pampering your company is not a luxury: It’s a Lifestyle.”
Spa @ Home corporate care programs focus on rejuvenating, nourishing, and relaxing the mind, body, and spirits of the individuals that support and contribute to your corporation’s success. Reward your staff with a gift that keeps on giving. Gift Certificates are the perfect gift for those perfect employees. Rewarding, Rejuvenating, and Responding… has never been so SIMPLE.