About Us

Welcome to Mobile Spa Services

I am Marney Weatherby owner and founder of Spa @ Home.

Our philosophy is to revolutionize the Mobile Spa Industry by delivering the very best in Professionalism, Product Knowledge and Value. Our trained therapists have a passion and distinctive character traits which make them excel in their area of expertise. Spa @ Home realizes that everyone deserves to be spoiled, but unfortunately with today’s hectic pace of living this can seem impossible.

Bringing back balance was never so simple.

Invite Spa @ Home into your lifestyle and bring back the balance you deserve.

As a Certified Aroma – Therapist, Masseuse, and Aesthetician, I believe in using only 100% organic product in all our treatments. Holistic health is not an alternative method, it is a complimentary method.

Spa treatments are no longer for the rich and famous or a once in a lifetime experience. Spa services are part of a holistic approach to wellness. Stress is a leading cause of illness and disease. This is preventable by taking care of the Mind, Body and Soul.

“Taking time to care for yourself is no longer just a luxury: It’s a Lifestyle!”

Spa @ Home believes that educating our clients about wellness allows them to benefit greatly from spa services. Many of our services include client education on maintaining optimal health by the positive results derived from spa services.

Sanitation and hygiene at its highest standards…

Spa @ Home maintains high standards of sanitation and hygiene by using hospital grade solution (Accel CS20) to sanitize all instruments and all linen are washed with bleach. Foot baths and manicure bowls are also sanitized before use. You can relax and be pampered and let Spa @ Home 1st On-site Mobile Salon/ Spa Specialists take care of you!

Introduction to Spa @ Home